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James Taylor White of Virginia

By: Gifford White

Price: $55.00

Publisher: Austin, Texas, 1982

Seller ID: fhw2001

Condition: good

contents include; records, maps, letters, ancestral charts, and much more. 137 pages, indexed. View more info

Looking Back and Forth at Thornton, Dickson, Milligan, Grubbs

By: Greta Cates Leard

Price: $75.00

Publisher: Wolfe City, Henington: 2004

Edition: 1st

Seller ID: fht1204

Condition: New

718 indexed pages of family history of Thornton, Dickson, Milligan, Grubbs, Warren, Holden, Lowry, Loveless, Eastridge. View more info

Some Descendants Of Gerard Spencer 1614-1684

By: Hal. P. Spencer

Price: $40.00

Publisher: Lubbock, Texas, 1977

Seller ID: fhs2003

Condition: good

Book includes descendants and family of Gerard Spencer. Birth & Death dates, marriages, children, and other important information included. 101 pages, indexed. View more info

The Cory Family

By: Harry Harmon Cory

Price: $45.00

Publisher: Minneapolis, MINN., Argus Publishing Co.: 1941

Edition: second

Seller ID: FHC1604

Condition: good

This second edition includes; correction of errors from the first edition, births, deaths, and marriages since the first edition, also includes photos. 179 pages, with 2 page index. View more info

The Wilson Family: Somerset and Barter Branch

By: Harry Herndon McLean

Price: $35.00

Publisher: Charlotte, NC, Observer printing: 1950

Edition: 1st

Seller ID: fhw1605

Condition: Used-Very good-slight edge wear

The Wilson Family: Somerset and Barter Branch.102 pages including index. View more info

Richard Bartlett from Maine to Dixieland

By: Helen Ring Womack

Price: $100.00

Publisher: Wolf City, Henington: 1984

Edition: 1st

Seller ID: fhb1204

Condition: NEW

550 indexed family history of Bartlett and allied families of Bolles, Bray, Broom, Cutts, Frost, Littlefield, Moulton, Pepperell, Waldon. View more info

Slaegten Wolf Stamtavle-The Genealogy of the Wolf Family from Danish Slesvig 1490 to present

By: Henrik Wolf Rasmussen

Price: $35.00

Publisher: Austin, Texas, Nortex Press: 1992

Edition: 5th

Seller ID: fh014

Condition: New

The Genealogy of the Wolf Family from Danish Slesvig 1490 to the present View more info

Early Days in New England: Life and Times of Henry Burt of Springfield and some of his descendants

By: Henry M Burt

Price: $45.00

Publisher: Salem, Massachusetts, Higginson Book Co.: 1893

Edition: facsimile reprint

Seller ID: fhb1600

Condition: Like New

617 indexed pages, plus maps. Burt family genealogy. View more info

History and Genealogy of Ricks Family of America

By: Howard Ricks

Price: $150.00

Publisher: Salt Lake City, Ricks Family Association: 1957

Edition: revised edition

Seller ID: fhr1802

Condition: excellent

In Isaac Ricks, born 1638 in England, was the first family member to America when as a Quaker he settled in what is now Wight County, Virginia. It follows each family line through at least 12 generations, adding personal information in addition to vital record information. For example, the book includes an account of Lewis Ricks (1800-1889) life as dictated to his daughter in 1881. For anyone doing Ricks family research, this book is a great resource. Revised edition of the orignal1908 book with biographical sketches and genealogies of both males and females; 767 pages; indexed View more info

Lloyd Manuscripts

By: Howard Williams LLoyd

Price: $50.00

Publisher: Lancaster, Pa., New Era Printing: 1912

Edition: 1st

Seller ID: fhl1601

Condition: Used- Corners bumped, edges show shelf wear & spine is taped, pages are tight

Lloyd Manuscripts: genealogies of the families of Awbrey-Vaughn, Blunston, Burbeck, Garrett, Gibbons, Heacock, Hodge, Houlston, Howard, Hunt, Jarman, Jenkin-Griffith, Jones, Knight, Knowles and others. View more info

Daniel Perrin "The Huguenot" and his descendants in America, of the surnames Perrine, Perine, and Prine 1665-1910

By: Howland Delano Perrine

Price: $70.00

Publisher: Higginson:

Edition: 1st edition printed 1910, this is a reprint

Seller ID: fhp1600

Condition: like new

547 indexed pages of Perrine family history. View more info

The Ancestors and Descendants of Henry D. Lenderman

By: Imogene May Boswell

Price: $125.00

Publisher: Carrollton, Texas, Imogene Boswell: 1988

Edition: 1st

Seller ID: fhl1204

Condition: NEW

The Ancestors and Descendants of Henry D. Lenderman-Randolph County, N.C., Greenville County, S.C.,Maury & Carroll County, Tn., Marshall County, Ms. 337 indexed pages View more info

The Descendants of Claiborne B. May

By: Imogene May Boswell

Price: $225.00

Publisher: Wolfe City, Henington: 1990

Edition: 1st

Seller ID: fhm1210

ISBN: 0962040304

Condition: NEW

Claiborne B. May, South Carolina, Alabama. A Compendium of other May families. 661 indexed pages. View more info

Memorial of the Walkers of the Old Plymouth Colony

By: J B R Walker

Price: $60.00

Publisher: Northampton, Metcalf & Company: 1861-REPRINT 1978 by The Printery

Edition: Reprint 1978

Inscription: Margaret Woodside December 1978

Seller ID: fhw1400

Condition: Like new- one page has Marks

450 page family history of the Walker family. Sketches of James of Taunton-Philip of Rehoboth-William of Eastham-John of Marshfield-Thomas of Bristol and their descendants from 1620 to 1860 View more info

Morse Genealogy

By: J Howard Morse

Price: $35.00

Publisher: New York, 1903

Edition: 1st

Seller ID: fhm1801

Condition: good

The complete title of this 90-page book is: Morse Genealogy comprising the descendants of Samuel, Anthony, William, and Joseph Morse and John Moss being a revision of the Memorial of the Morses published by Rev. Abner Morse in 1850. This is a 1st edition of this 1903 book, so considering its age, its in really good shape. Binding and pages tight, otherwise normal shelf wear with what looks like a minor water stain on the cover. The family settled in New England, arriving in 1635 in Massachusetts. View more info

Carter Family History

By: J Montgomery Seaver

Price: $15.00

Publisher: American Historical-Genealogical Society:

Edition: photo copy

Seller ID: fhc1603

Condition: Very Good Photo copy of limited edition original- x-library

Carter family history starting with Thomas Carter of Winchcombe. D.1460. Ends with Carters in 1900's. Copy of limited edition & hardcover bound View more info

As We Saw It and what we were told

By: Jack Frost McGraw

Price: $65.00

Edition: 1st

Seller ID: fhm1201

Condition: NEW

McGraw family history and remembrances. View more info

Genealogy of the Descendants of Humphrey Turner with family records

By: Jacob Turner Esq.

Price: $15.00

Publisher: Ann Arbor, Michigan, University Microfilms International: 1852

Edition: 1980 reprint

Seller ID: fht1604

Condition: like new

Genealogy of the Descendants o Humphrey Turner with family records.Indexed View more info

The Coffeys Of Wayne County

By: Jacqueline Coffey Sexton

Price: $40.00

Publisher: Monticello, Kentucky , Lakeview Printing Inc.: 1974

Edition: 1st

Seller ID: fhc1505

Condition: good

In this book they have made an endeavor to compile names, dates, and sketches of history of the Coffey family from the seventeenth century to the late 1900's. Includes letters, photographs, maps, and information on members of the Coffey family. 147 pages, plus index. View more info

McNair, McNear, and McNeir Genealogies

By: James Birtley McNair

Price: $50.00

Publisher: Los Angeles, California , James Birtley McNair : 1955

Edition: 1st

Seller ID: fhm1605

Condition: decent

Book about the McNair family which resided in; England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Maryland, and more. Includes information on family members and includes photographs and illustrations. 425 pages, with a 28 page index. View more info