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Old Deeds Belonging to the Salem County Historical Society with an index of Unrecorded Deeds Vol. 2 - No. 1

Price: $30.00

Publisher: : 1961

Seller ID: mcni2002

Binding: Stapled, a sticker on cover

Condition: Good

Revolutionary Pensioners - A transcript of the pension list of The United States For 1813

Price: $10.00

Seller ID: rw2202

Condition: like new

Declarations of Intention
For Naturalization
Santa Clara County, California

By: Christine Rose, C.G., F.A.S.G

Price: $17.50

Seller ID: cr2020

ISBN-13: 9780929626031

Binding: Paperback

Condition: New

German-American Genealogical Research Monograph Number 4 Emigrants From Saxony (Grandduchy of Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach) to America, 1854, 1859

By: Clifford Neal Smith

Price: $18.00

Seller ID: gp9851

ISBN: 97806352497

Binding: Paperback

Condition: New

Image for Scottish-American Court Records, 1733-1783

Scottish-American Court Records, 1733-1783

By: David Dobson

Price: $22.00

Seller ID: mcr2020

ISBN-13: 9780806313122

Binding: Library

Condition: Used, Good

Delaware Bible Records Volume 2

By: Donald O. Virdin

Price: $25.00

Seller ID: mcde1803

ISBN-13: 9781556135606

Binding: Paperback

Condition: Used Library

Image for Evidence Explained. Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace

Evidence Explained. Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace

By: Elizabeth Shown Mills

Price: $63.00

Publisher: GPC : 2017

Seller ID: gpc3878

ISBN-13: 9780806320403

Binding: library

Condition: new

America from Amerigo Vespucci to the Louisiana Purchase

By: Herbert Cahoon

Price: $12.00

Publisher: Pierpont Morgan Library : 1976

Seller ID: mcr2229

ISBN-13: 9780875980560

Binding: Soft cover

Condition: Like new

Image for Kinship: It's All Relative

Kinship: It's All Relative

By: Jackie Smith Arnold

Price: $21.00

Seller ID: gpc178

ISBN-13: 9780806319537

Binding: Paperback

Condition: Good

A Diary From Dixie

By: Mary Boykin Chesnut

Price: $12.00

Publisher: : 1980

Seller ID: mcr2053

ISBN: 06742020291

Condition: Very Good

Miscellaneous Docket Index Suffolk County, Mass. Probate Records 1639-1866

By: Picton Press

Price: $8.00

Seller ID: mcmas2000

ISBN-13: 9780897253338

Binding: Pamphlet, staplebound, paperback

Condition: Fair

Image for A Guide to Copies & Abstracts of Irish Wills

A Guide to Copies & Abstracts of Irish Wills

By: Rev. Walace Clare

Price: $30.00

Seller ID: ysi702

ISBN-13: 9780806305158

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Good

Index of Bucks County, Pennsylvania Wills and Administration Records 1684 to 1850

By: Richard T. and Mildred C. Williams

Price: $50.00

Seller ID: mcpab2000

Binding: Spiralbound Paperback

Condition: Used, Good

Bond County, Illinois: Marriage Records 1817-1850

By: Robert E. and Phyllis J. Selby

Price: $35.00

Publisher: : 1982

Seller ID: yilb900

Binding: Paperback

Condition: Used library, fair

The William Wade Hinshaw Pennsylvania Quaker Meeting Records Concord Monthly Meeting Volume I

By: Selby Publishing & Printing

Price: $35.00

Seller ID: mcpa2000

Binding: Paperback

Condition: Used, good

The William Wade Hinshaw Pennsylvania Quaker Meeting Records Exeter Monthly Meeting Volume II

By: Selby Publishing & Printing

Price: $21.00

Seller ID: mcpa2001

Binding: Paperback

Condition: Used, fair

Georgia Will Directory 1861-1900

By: Ted O. Brooke

Price: $30.00

Seller ID: tb1901

ISBN-13: 9780971746688

Binding: Library

Condition: New

Image for Mastering Genealogical Documentation

Mastering Genealogical Documentation

By: Thomas W Jones

Price: $35.00

Publisher: NGS

Seller ID: ngs1702

ISBN: 9.78194E+12

Binding: perfect

Condition: new