The Ganns: 1200 AD - 1800 AD, A Jouirney of 600 Years and 6000 Miles

By: Joy Gann Brown

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In the beginning was the name and that is where this book begins. Thence, we proceed chronologically from the late 13th century with the earliest identified recording of the surname Ganne(e) until just after the onset of the 19th century. By that time, there were too many Ganns and they were too widely dispersed to be addressed in a single volume. As you would expect, we start with Western European records then cross the Atlantic to the New World to see what Ganns were up to in the American colonies. At the end of the Revolutionary War, the southern Gann family split apart and within a few generations, virtually none of them were aware of the paths' their forefathers had taken. Our study allows us to glimpse the forces that shaped those ancient Ganns. Their need for both physical and spiritual nourishment led them down a myriad of byways that ultimately produced us. Had they chosen differently at any point, there might not have been an "us", or if there had been, our circumstance would certainly have been different. 321 pages, full name index. Names include: Chadwell, Ewens, Gonner, Mlliken, Rattray, Sharpe,

Title: The Ganns: 1200 AD - 1800 AD, A Jouirney of 600 Years and 6000 Miles

Author Name: Joy Gann Brown

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Book Condition: Good, Signed

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